Phoenix was developed in a class called Video Anarchy at the 2011 National Puppetry Conference
at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. In 5 days, 11 films were storyboarded, built, shot, edited and, for many, music was composed with a resident musician (mine was Bradley Kemp, who is amazing). We kept in mind the use of puppetry, specifically in film (vs. live theater).

2 amazing instructors: Martin P. Robinson and Tim Lagasse. 10 wonderful students: Maya Ahuja, Miron Gusso, Brodrick Jones, David Karle, Jon Little, Travis Lope, Caitlin Shirts, Kali Therrien, Patrick Weigand – most of whom helped me by performing in this, the first film I produced and directed.

In the photo to the right, we are shooting the final scene, with a bucket or two of water nearby!