In Fall, 2013, I was asked to direct a Little Shop of Horrors Sing Along for the Puppets on Film Festival, sponsored by BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) and The Jim Henson Foundation.

I was able to work with some amazing artists, including three professional drag performers (Dallas DuBois and RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Thorgy Thor and Bob the Drag Queen), three actors (Kat Heverin, Brett Vanderbrook, Daiel Irizarry), two puppeteers (Jessica Lorence, Sara Jane Munford) and about 15 volunteer performers (who were a part of a flash-mob style portion of the performance, standing up in the midst of the audience to participate down front.) BAM was able to secure an appearance by Rick Moranis himself (Seymour Krelborn), who was kind enough to speak about working with director Frank Oz and the many talented puppeteers who brought the beautiful Audrey II to life on the big screen back in 1986. Both shows were sold out!

The evening was modeled after a traditional Rocky Horror Picture Show Sing Along, including captioned text on the screen and each moviegoer received a goody bag at the start of the show with props to be utilized during the production. Performers popped in and performed along with the songs. We even commissioned a local puppet builder to create small Audrey II puppets for sale, just as they are in the movie's ending - which was the original director's cut!

I designed and created the smaller Audrey IIs and all other props used throughout the production. I decided that the larger Audrey II plants should be shadow puppets, to keep with the projected movie feel. These were designed, built and performed by Jessica Lorence, with assistance from Sara Jane Munford.

Contact me if you would like to produce a Little Shop of Horrors Sing Along in your theater!

all photos by Mercedes Jelinek
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