Above all, I am a storyteller. I perform, produce work, design and create content in New York City, though I still often work in Atlanta and also consider it home. I can be found working with NYC PR agencies as a freelance content developer and social media manager, producing graphic design for clients and working on installations and a touring piece.

I studied the performance, directing and building of puppets at University of Connecticut, where I earned an M.A. in Puppet Arts. My continuing education in performance includes attending many National Puppetry Conferences at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, improvisation classes in Atlanta and Manhattan and several theater movement classes.

See my performance page to learn about specific projects I’ve produced and on which I have worked.

I completed graduate studies in graphic design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. I appreciate clean, communicative design and love unique hand-drawn type and illustration.

Recently, I worked with The Jim Henson Foundation as the Assistant to the Foundation Manager and was the interim maternity-leave replacement for the Foundation Manager. I have work experience in design, project management, event programming, promotion, administration, copy writing and editing, social media, volunteer management, public speaking and presentation.

You can find me walking my dog or snuggling with my cat, brewing delicious coffee, enjoying an adventurous meal, playing board games, traveling, enjoying craft beer and/or telling you how fabulous you look today.

I play well with others. Contact me for my work or performance resumes or to discuss how amazing it will be to collaborate: amy @ amyrush.com 

Amy Rush